Logistics, Processing, and Return Merchandise
MI Technologies, Inc. has the capability and know-how to handle enterprise-level volume of return merchandise.

MI Technologies, Inc. is a global technology company with 20 years of experience in multiple sectors in manufacturing, supply chain management, logistics, and e-commerce. As an e-commerce leader, MI Technologies, Inc. has thrived with a software-driven business model, while seamlessly integrating hardware for manufacturing and logistics. 


We offer prototyping, molding, tool design, injection molding, and metal stamping in house. Avoid long lead times and difficult forecasting situations.


We'll help you eliminate slow and expensive product shipments from overseas suppliers by bringing your tooling to our advanced Mexico manufacturing facility minutes from the US border.


Our call centers are located within North America and staffed by multi-lingual, highly trained, knowledgeable and technology focused CSRs.


Speak with a REAL PERSON 7 days a week!  We still focus on developing relationships with our customers.  


Our fully-automated inventory management, warehousing and pick-pack-ship processes, matched with trans-border distribution is truly unbeatable.


Whether fulfillment is B2C, B2B, brick and mortar retail or e-commerce & web, MI Technologies, Inc. can handle any workload.


Our logistics department works side-by-side with our production team to provide the shortest lead times possible.


Our Products



For nearly 20 years, MI Technologies, Inc. has been the at the forefront of projector lamp distribution and manufacturing. In partnership with Philips Lighting, MI Technologies, is one of the world's leading manufacturers and distributors of UHP lamps for front projection and rear projection televisions and devices.




Within two months of the 2020 pandemic, MI Technologies, Inc. was capable of developing automated machines, sourcing high-grade material, and begin production of PPE in the United States—assisting in the nation-wide effort to locally source PPE products. This is a testament to MI Technologies, Inc.'s experience in global supply chains and logistics.




Through our supply chain and manufacturing facilities, MI Technologies, Inc. refurbishes and distributes a wide array of consumer electronics for markets around the globe.

One such product is flat-panel displays.


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